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PMIP Tutorial

Predictive Microbiology Information Portal (PMIP) contains three major sections which provide an access to predictive models for foodborne pathogens, relevant regulatory policies and guidelines, and microbial data related to pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms in a wide variety of food products. The predictive models are mainly from the Pathogen Modeling Program (PMP) of ERRC-ARS-USDA, and currently over 40 models are in the portal. The main sources of rules/regulations are links to USDA-FSIS and FDA websites. The microbial growth data are from Combase, which contains about 40,000 data points. It is a relational database that is jointly developed and maintained by the Food Research Institute of UK, ARS-USDA, and the Center of Excellence for Food Safety, Australia. The portal provides a searchable function that the users can use to obtain specific information that is of interest to them. The tutorial provides brief instructions and examples on how to navigate the portal and retrieve necessary information.

To Learn about Predictive Microbiology

Overview link image

  • Go to PMIP home page.
  • Select “Overview of Predictive Microbiology.”


  • The overview contains information regarding the principles of predictive microbiology, model development and relevant information.

To Locate Resources

Resource Locator

  • Go PMIP home page.
  • Select “Resource Locator.”

Advanced Search

  • Select from Rule/Regulation, Organism, Food Type, and Resource Type lists.
  • Resource type, numbers of resources, and their sources appear.
  • Select from “Source List” to list the information

Resource List

  • Resources appear at the bottom of Search page.
  • Select “More Info” or “Go To” to access the information.

More information page

  • “More Info” leads to a brief introduction of the information.

Sample resource

  • “Go To” leads to the document or resources.

To Search Microbial Growth Data in Combase

ComBase Link

  • Go to PMIP home page
  • Select “Combase.”

Search Type

  • At the bottom of Combase page, select either “ComBase site” or “Data Browser.”

ComBase Search parameters

  • Once logged in, add search conditions and environmental conditions.
  • Select “Search.”

ComBase Search results

  • Results appear in a list showing the matched records.
  • Click the title of the record to view details

Combase Detailed Result

  • “View Detail” shows data of matched records and related information. Navigate through each record by using the Previous and Next buttons.

To Use Predictive Models

Pathogen Modeling Program

  • Go to PMIP home page
  • Select “Pathogen Modeling Program.”

PMP Tutorial

  • Select “PMP Tutorial” to learn about PMP or select “Access Online Version” to go models.

PMP Select Model

  • Click on the arrow beside “Select a Pathogen Model” to open the list of models.

PMP Select specific model

  • Click on the entries under the “Bacteria >>Model” or “Model >> Bacterium” headings to view the list of available models in that category. In some cases, additional subheadings must be navigated as well.
  • Select the model of interest.

PMP Example Model

  • Input parameters, and click on the Calculate button to produce results.
  • Predicted data appear in chart and table formats.